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It is possible to have a termite invasion & not see a single termite because they typically stay hidden in mud tubes, the soil, or tunnel through their food sources.

They’re attracted to moisture, humidity & food sources. You can help prevent termites from infesting your home by following a few simple rules. You can read them here on our Termite Prevention page

Termite invasions are the cause of over $5,000,000,000 in damages annually to USA homes. It is necessary to have your house checked for termites every 2 years as the majority of homeowner’s policies do not cover termite damage. With that in mind we recommend that every homeowner should know how to recognize & eliminate termites efficiently, before the termite colony becomes established. As soon as a termite colony is fully establish then it is much harder to get rid of them.

When you identify the very first indications of termites, you ought to take steps to implement a termite control program right away or they will proceed to feast on the structural wood elements of your house causing more damage.

Lots of people ask can I treat my home for termites myself? The professional termite pest control specialists are often the the very best method to get rid of termites, nevertheless, there are numerous do-it-yourself choices for managing and avoiding termites also. None are as effective as a professional treatment for large-scale infestations, although they might prove effective at destroying small infestations or avoiding brand-new ones.

Whenever you’ve a termite situation, our termite control specialists are able to provide a solution to your issue.

Below are a a couple of treatments you can use to eliminate termites yourself.

Boric Acid

The most common chemical for dispatching termites and other insects, boric acid is widely available. As soon as consumed, the boric acid will shut down the termite’s central nervous system while dehydrating it.

To make a boric acid bait station for below ground termites: thoroughly coat or spray a piece of wood or cardboard with the boric acid plant the bait in a recognized invasion area examine the area surrounding the bait station frequently for carcasses and include more boric acid as required This technique will not remove a termite issue, but it can significantly reduce the number of active termites.

Natural Termite Predators Nematodes

nematodes natural termite exterminatorsIf you’re wondering what kills termites naturally then one of the termites natural predators is the Nematodes. Beneficial nematodes are small, parasitic, unsegmented worms that are available at the majority of garden shops or online. They are natural predators of below ground termites. Just release the nematodes in 60 degrees or warmer soil in the early morning or after sundown. The nematodes will search for hosts, such as termite larvae, and burrow into them, causing death in approximately 48 hours.

If you’re looking for what is the most effective termite treatment then this technique is one of the very best ways to get rid of termites naturally. They are really effective at getting rid of termites if you put enough of them to the colony.

Orange Oil Termite Treatment

Orange oil is made mainly of d-limonene, which is deadly to termites. The oil is obtained from orange peels, &you can purchase it from many DIY or garden shops, along with online.

This technique is chosen among those who are worried with using pesticides, and is highly biodegradable. The disadvantage is that termites need to come into contact with the orange oil for it to be reliable, so this is not a long-term service. Treatment consists of drilling holes into plagued wood and injecting the orange oil. Orange oil only works on small locations where a termite colony has been found. The cost of an orange oil treatment differs substantially, and while preliminary treatments might seem cheap, continuous treatments can cost more than a full fumigation.

Perimeter Barriers

Preferably, your house would have been safeguarded with a perimeter barrier while it was being constructed.

DIY Termite Baits & Monitors can be utilized , to create a termite control perimeter barrier around your house, instead of using a termite injection treatment into the soil. You simply position the termite bait straight into the ground around the exterior of your house.

We presently recommend the Advance Termite Bait Monitoring Stations.

Yearly Termite Inspections

The cheapest method to deal with a problem is to ensure the issue never ever takes place. Having routine yearly termite inspections can help you keep tabs on the scenario. But you ought to likewise ensure to keep wood, cardboard, &other cellulose away from your house such as additional lumber in the crawl area, firewood accumulated in the garage, or perhaps untreated mulch in the bed by your door.

Whenever you’ve a termite situation, our termite control specialists are able to provide a solution to your issue.


Use one or more of these natural techniques and termite control products to keep termites out of your house &to safeguard your financial investment. While these treatments are best for small &separated infestations of termites such as a brand-new invasion in a furniture piece or a stack of firewood that you don’t desire to spread you are not likely to have success utilizing these treatments for termites in your house.

The very best thing to do is to call specialists termite pest control for a termite inspection, & they will create a termite control plan that will not only remove any termites presently in your house but will also stop future infestations.

DIY Termite Treatment FAQs

One popular termite-removal method involves treating the soil around your house with a termite insecticide such as imidacloprid or fipronil. Wood can also be treated directly if termites are inside.

This DIY termite control project is quite effective: Dig a trench around the entire problem area and fill it with a foam-based non-repellent termite insecticide. Non-repellent means that termites won’t be driven away from it but rather they try to move through it and die.

Vinegar is an acid, that will destroy the termites digestive systems if they ingest it along with the wood they are eating. It might eliminate some termites, but it probably will not solve your infestation problem.

If you pour laundry bleach onto any termite colonies that you see in your yard’s mulched areas. The toxicity of the bleach will kill any termites that come in contact with the liquid.

Bayer Advanced Termite Killer Plus does not repel termites. Instead it kills termites spiders ants and a bunch of other pests as soon as they come into contact with it. The spray also leaves a residual effect for up to four months